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I am a 22 year old Finance and Accounting student, who also edits and writes as a hobby:

Currently working on a project called "Hungry Whispers".

I am a Geek who has interests in most areas of culture.

"My study-office is near the front of the house. There are full-size windows that let me see who’s coming and going. I have a customized L-shaped worktable and a comfortable black swivel chair. Over the desk are photos and memorabilia from projects I’ve worked on. To my right is a gas fireplace and a mantle with three Al Hirschfeld drawings—two of me in "Star Trek" and one when I appeared on Broadway in "Equus." On shelves are a number of my photographs that are in several museums’ collections.

There are no Spock uniforms in my closet, but I’m totally comfortable with the character now. There was a time many years ago when I was concerned that the three years I spent playing him on TV would overshadow my career. I’m grateful for Spock. As someone who grew up Jewish in Boston, I was always “the other”—an alien. So I get it.

Sitting on my desk is a small black box with a glass window. Inside is a pair of pointed ears. These are the ear tips I wore on final day of shooting for the TV show. I had them mounted. From time to time, I meet people who give me the “Star Trek” treatment. I don’t mind. Fortunately, no one has asked me to beam them up lately.”

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The Skylon spaceplane, a reusable runway-to-orbit cargo vehicle, designed by Reaction Engines, Ltd. The Skylon would have a 15-ton capacity, achieving Mach 5.5 in the atmosphere, rising to Mach 25 in order to reach low earth orbit to deliver its payload. The plane would then reenter the atmosphere and land on a runway like a traditional aircraft.

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Displace 3.0Artist: Tez and Chris SalterPhotographer: C. Langer


Displace 3.0
Artist: Tez and Chris Salter
Photographer: C. Langer

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